Floyd Mayweather Jr. Rules Out Fight With Manny Pacquiao; Says Filipino Champ’s Carrer is Declining

Floyd Mayweather, Saul Alvarez kick off 11-city tour in NYC

“Now you got Pacquiao talking about, ‘You know what? I’m ready to take the tests now.’ Well you could’ve took the tests a long time ago, you know. I think … his career has declined; now it’s like, ‘Okay, I’ll do whatever now so I can get that big payday. It don’t matter.

Mayweather: Every time they give a fighter a huge buildup, I bring them down


If Canelo fight the same fight that Cotto did or Oscar, Canelo gets a draw. They ain’t got no problem putting the business on this guy because they feel like they can move forward with this guy. The Cotto or the Oscar fight happens again and Canelo gets a draw easy. You gotta be careful for a win, but he definitely gets a draw. And then everybody gets money on both of ’em. They are still both undefeated and both can say they feel like they won.

Mayweather Fires Back, Shreds Canelo and De La Hoya

1 new star in the sport.” There remains some dispute over who set the 152-pound catch weight, with Mayweather’s camp saying Alvarez’s people brought it up first. Alvarez, however, insisted it was Mayweather who decided on having both fight at 152 pounds instead of 154. “It wasn’t me,” Alvarez told reporters before the news conference. “I don’t want to fight 2 pounds below my weight class.” There was also some contention between the two because Alvarez chose to headline his own fight card against Trout rather than be included on the undercard of Mayweather-Guerrero card. But both fighters agreed that this is a matchup that needed to happen. “I’ve visualized this fight for years,” Alvarez said, “and I feel I’m going to win.” The fighters each announced on Twitter last month that they would face each other, exciting boxing fans around the world.

They were totally quiet. Now, all of a sudden were in L.A. and theyre talking big like, Canelo is the king. Well, as you saw, if you shoot shots at me, Ill shoot shots back. How you react to me is how Ill react to you.


In every city Canelo has been quiet. Oscar De La Hoya has been quiet. The other guys [Eddy and Chepo Reynoso] probably didnt even talk. Now all of a sudden the trainer was all like grow some balls. They all of a sudden want to talk trash. I truly believe in this, if you dish it out you have to be able to take it.


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