Gennady Golovkin the Best Pound-for-Pound Fighter in Boxing?

Boxing: WSB draw pits holders Astana Arlans against Cuba Boxing’s Domadores

world series of boxing

They were wrong. Instead, Golovkin battered Macklin across the ring for three rounds before putting him away with a devastating left hook to the body. Once hit, Macklin’s face contorted in pain as he went flying to the canvas. He remained there for several minutes after the fight was over. In March of last year, Macklin made waves in the boxing world by giving WBC middleweight champion Sergio Martinez (51-2-2, 28 KO’s) all he could handle before losing in the 11th due to a referee’s technical decision.

He had tested positive for PEDs following his December 2011 split-decision victory over Amir Khan, causing his stock to take a major fall. His performance against Matthysse merely sent him tumbling further. It’s a shame, in a sense, because Peterson truly is a great boxing story. He and his older brother Anthony were homeless as children and were very much saved by the culture of the boxing gym. There is a strong chance Peterson might end up in a rematch with Khan later this year. But I had Khan winning the first fight, even with the two points he lost for shoving, and would pick him to win again. Rising: Lucas Matthysse Al Bello/Getty Images Lucas Matthysse was already one of the hottest fighters in the sport, heading into his showdown with Lamont Peterson last May.

Boxing Stock Watch: Who’s Rising and Who’s Falling This Summer


Surprisingly, perhaps, given the quality of those teams, much of the hushed talk among the Team Managers present was about the final member of the group, Russia. The Russian team utterly dominated this years European Championships and as one team manager told us, Much depends on the Russian Team that is selected. If they select the Sborna (national side), every team will need to watch out, they could cause a shock upset. For Baku Fires meanwhile, it seems as though the team got its wish, with Managing Director Rizvan Genzhiyev saying last week that he hoped they would draw the strongest teams in the Regular Season.

Boxing at Barclays has quieted critics

In fact, audience response has been quite respectable , Yormark said. The first show drew 11,112; the second, on March 9, 2013 drew 12,293; the third, on April 27 , drew 13,048. All the main events and select undercard bouts were televised on Showtime. Critics mumble under their breathe that those figures represent a large dose of “comps,” or freebies, to paper the house. Not so, Yormark told me. “We did not comp,” he said. “We’re not comping.


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