Floyd Mayweather Jr. credits once estranged father for his boxing longevity

Floyd Mayweather brings flash to tour with Alvarez

Mayweather starts Hard Work chant

But as the man nicknamed “Money” returned to the ring for the first time since serving a two-month jail term for a domestic violence conviction, he enlisted the help of his father. The official reason for his return two months ago was that the five-division world champion’s regular trainer — Floyd Sr.’s brother Roger — was too debilitated by diabetes to be relied upon. Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his father — and trainer — Floyd Sr. celebrate the victory over Robert Guerrero in May’s WBC welterweight title bout in Las Vegas. It was the first time father and son had come together for a fight since they fell out in 2000.

The tour winds up in Los Angeles on July 2. If boxing is a dying sport, as some critics contend, you could not have guessed from this crowd, estimated at around 1,000, about evenly split between Mayweather and Alvarez fans. Each side tried to outdo the other, as Los Angeles deejay Tattoo worked them into a frenzy. “If anyone around the world knows anything about boxing, it’s the fans in Washington D.C.,” said Mayweather, flanked on the stage by his young daughter Iyanna, and, as always, playing to the crowd.


How will Mayweather beat Pacquiao or how will he be beaten by Pacquiao when he tags, gags and brags that Pacquiao is not in his level and was just a media creation? In what way can Pacquiao vindicate himself from Mayweathers baseless accusations when Manny Knows is his favorite shirt to wear during training? But whats wrong with the Manny Knows shirt? And why does it keep many guessing about the possible other shirt in his closet that may bear prints to tell a secret? Will Pacquiaos loss to Mayweather validate the latters steroid indictment? But what if Pacquiao routs Rios under the same type of Mayweather routine drug test?

Floyd Mayweather, Saul Alvarez kick off 11-city tour in NYC

“To be the best,” Alvarez said when asked before the news conference what his motivation is to fight Mayweather now. “(I want) to go down in history as the guy who beat the guy people consider the best.” When the news conference was over, both fighters got up and stared each other down one more time. And again, the crowd went wild. “It’s always been one of my ultimate goals to get to the pinnacle of the sport and push myself to the limit by facing the best,” Mayweather said. “He’s a young champion. What else can I say?” Copyright 2013 Associated Press .


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