Floyd Mayweather Jr. credits once estranged father for his boxing longevity

had last taken charge of Floyd’s corner in 2000 prior to being booted out of his son’s house, and life, shortly after. Defensive nous A notable feature of Floyd Jr.’s unanimous points decision over Guerrero, the WBC’s interim champion while Mayweather was in prison, became the fact that he had tightened up his defense — a product of his father’s work, the fighter says. “My dad is a remarkable trainer, a defensive wizard,” the man with the 44-0 record told CNN in an exclusive interview. “My dad brings everything.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is so great, a genius some say.


The world welterweight champion is currently preparing for what promises to be his toughest fight yet, against Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez in Las Vegas on September 14. Decisions, decisions: Floyd Mayweather posted this picture, part of his huge collection of expensive watches The pair recently completed an exhaustive 11-city media tour which attracted 100,000 people. Tickets for the event itself, at the MGM Grand Arena on September 14, sold out well inside 24 hours, breaking the all-time box office record for a live gate in Las Vegas of almost $19 million. They are now fetching in excess of $40,000 a pair online.

Decision time! Mayweather struggles to choose which watch to wear from his £4.3m collection (and that’s just one case)

has done the impossible, he has turned floyd mayweather jr v canelo alvarez tickets the people who hate him into indirect supporters, into people who support every outing, every event, and every fight he chooses to grace with an appearance. The people who hate him pay the same money that the people who love him do, doubling the profit he receives by receiving it from both sides of the rope. Every time Floyd Mayweather Jr. fights, there is a frenzy of expectations that shadow his opponents. People cheer, and praise his foes, instantly giving them new support, giving them his indirect fans. I attended the Mayweather x Canelo press tour in New York, and I watched as thousands jeered and cheered the world champion.


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