Decision time! Mayweather struggles to choose which watch to wear from his £4.3m collection (and that’s just one case)

The 36-year-old posted a picture of part of his watch collection with the caption: ‘It’s all about having choices…$6.4million worth (and that is just one case). The world welterweight champion is currently preparing for what promises to be his toughest fight yet, against Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez in Las Vegas on September 14. Decisions, decisions: Floyd Mayweather posted this picture, part of his huge collection of expensive watches The pair recently completed an exhaustive 11-city media tour which attracted 100,000 people. Tickets for the event itself, at the MGM Grand Arena on September 14, sold out well inside 24 hours, breaking the all-time box office record for a live gate in Las Vegas of almost $19 million. They are now fetching in excess of $40,000 a pair online.

Will Canelo Alvarez’s Star Still Rise If He Loses to Floyd Mayweather?

The naysayers, of which there are plenty, will be forced to give him some credit for overperforming, in their eyes, against the greatest boxerof this generation. It would be similar to what happened to Miguel Cotto when he dropped a clear but spirited unanimous decision against Mayweather last May. Cotto, who was considered to be on the down slope before the bout, received a bit of a career bump from his performance in a losing effort. Granted, Canelo’s stock would rise further with a win, and he’s on a different end of the career spectrum than Cotto, but a close defeat could still benefit him in the long run. Oddly enough, he might even get more credit for a close loss than for a close win. Many are already lining up to dismiss a potential Mayweather defeat by pointing out that Canelo is too big, Mayweather is too small, and the fight is too risky for Floyd. The worst-case scenario for Canelo is walking into the ring and getting totally outclassed. If Mayweather makes him look clumsy and plodding, beats him to the punch all night and wins another 117-111 unanimous decision, it could be devastating for the Mexican’s career. It would serve as cause for all the criticisms of Canelo, which were somewhat silenced by his victory over Austin Trout, to resurface.


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