Another colorful boxing incongruity

Boxing – O’Kane: O’Sullivan could shock Saunders

14 without saying something staggeringly inappropriate. And actually, a lot of folks would be terribly disappointed if he didn’t. Without his obnoxious “Money” persona, Mayweather would be almost as boring as most of his fights. So why isn’t boxing beholden to the same rules of etiquette as the rest of society? How has it managed to remain so magnificently uncouth at a time of such heightened sensitivities?

There’s a lot at stake if Mrwebi loses next month. Boxing is her main source of income, but with no sponsors or manager, fights are rare. canelo alvarez vs floyd mayweather jr tickets In fact, she only gets to fight about once a year, and though she’s set to take home some $5,000 — win or lose — for the August match, she can’t afford to lose her title because that’s what attracts challengers and ultimately brings money. Rita Mrwebi: Boxing for a better life Boxing ring transforms ‘good girl’ champ A boxing haven for South African youth Yet it’s not all about the money. Mrwebi says boxing has also given her purpose whilst growing up in Hillbrow, a notoriously dangerous inner city neighborhood of Johannesburg. “It did change my life a lot,” says Mrwebi, who didn’t finish school and never got to meet her father.

Fight club: Boxing gives teenagers hope in crime hotspot

After school, local boys flock to the gym to learn the basics of boxing -- how to move, jab and defend. No fee is required as the goal is to keep youngsters off the streets.

It was a good win for the Dungiven man who is slowly working his way past a sole defeat to John Ryder last year. He is now searching for some veritable challengers to his newly acquired all-Ireland strap. Who can I defend it against? Ill definitely defend it against whoever, Eamonn welcomed, before realistically admitting that the likes of Matthew Macklin and Andy Lee are never going to come back to fight for an Irish title. Theres Anthony Fitzgerald, but I already beat him. OSullivan is moving on to bigger and better things.


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