Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s secret to his success? Nobody works harder

UFC roundup: Mayweather tops Jones, Silva

“He was going through a lot, and I come from the same background he’s come from,” Mayweather said. “J’Leon Love comes from a rough background. He didn’t have shoes. He had to beat up a guy to take his shoes so he’d have shoes. He comes from a very, very rough background. “What I told J’Leon Love [after learning of his positive test] is, ‘Wrong is wrong and you’re wrong.

Danny Garcia-Lucas Matthysse set

beat out the likes of UFC champ Jon Jones and all-time MMA great Anderson Silva for the Best Fighter award at the 2013 ESPYS Wednesday night. This marks the second consecutive year Mayweather, who also beat out fellow boxers Canelo Alvarez and Danny Garcia, has won the award and the seventh straight year a boxer has taken home the trophy. Mayweather won the award in 2007, 2008 and 2010 as well, while Manny Pacquiao received the honour in 2009 and 2011. Though the UFC and MMA has been recognized with several nominations since 2007 Georges St-Pierre, Randy Couture and Frankie Edgar among others have all received ESPY nominations in past years many feel MMA is overshadowed by boxing at the popular annual sports awards show. This may be the case at the ESPYS, but UFC commentator Joe Rogan believes Mayweather wouldnt stand a chance in a fight with a mixed martial artist or other martial artists, though.

14, I will show the world that I am the best 140-pound fighter on the planet.” Ellerbe said Mayweather, who controls the purse strings for his events, wanted to beef up the card. “Floyd is trying to bring the awareness to the sport and give this fight the worldwide platform it deserves,” Ellerbe said. “This is a tremendous fight. You have Lucas Matthysse, who is running everyone out the ring and who a lot of guys don’t want to fight, and Danny Garcia stepped up and said, ‘I want to be the guy to beat him.’ Matthysse has tremendous punching power, but Garcia can punch with either hand. We want people to leave away from watching this whole card and want to see the next card we put on. …


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